Do any of the following describe you?

Are you having difficulty hiring quality resources?

RKV can assist by providing experienced candidates that will contribute to your company’s success. RKV encourages employee referrals which leads to higher quality resources and retention rate. RKV also has the means to recruit candidates out of our local area which not only allows a broader selection of candidates but also a broad array of experience and expertise.

Are your project efforts greater than your resource availability?

RKV can provide high quality resources to integrate with your team and assist in completing your project backlog. RKV can also provide a complete project team to successfully complete project(s) in your backlog from inception to implementation. RKV’s resources and teams are experienced and capable of completing simple to high complexity projects.

Do you have applications/systems that need to be upgraded to keep up with the latest technology trends?

RKV can provide experienced and knowledgeable resources to upgrade your existing applications/systems to be more in line with today’s technology. Upgrading your existing applications/systems can reduce cost, increase productivity, improve security, and provide new features/functionality. Let RKV focus on upgrading your existing applications/systems while your team focuses on new business and projects.