Who We Are?

Technologies is a premier provider of information technology solutions for businesses and governments. We strive for 100% success in every IT service and solution we provide to our valued clients. We strongly believe our most valuable asset, our associates, is the key to reaching this goal. Our associates on average have 15 years of IT related experience.   While having skilled resources is critically important, we strongly believe that using robust development and project management methodologies is a must. We recognize that the last part of the equation is being a good partner. We strive to develop partnerships with our clients in which both parties are mutually satisfied with the results.

We have completed over 1,000 projects with scopes that range from analysis only to full application life cycle development using a wide variety of IT technology and solutions.

While RKV Management is confident in the skills of our staff to deliver, we know that management oversight is important.  Therefore, we continually utilize various project management tools and techniques to conduct performance reviews and meet with our client project management team to make sure expectations are being met and our clients are satisfied. This is done for all projects, even small ones, as we strive for 100% client satisfaction.

Since the founding of RKV Technologies, the company has grown in size, but continues to deliver Resources to customers with a Knowledgeable group of consultants that brings Value to your organization or project.

Meet Our Executive Team

Robert Myers

President & CEO
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Lucy Watts

PMP, Vice President of Marketing & Sales
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Johanna Wear

Director of Human Resources & Recruiting
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Denise White

Financial Manager

Tracy Hoerschgen

Marketing & Sales
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Karen Connell

Director of Business Development
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