Whether you are relocating to Missouri or simply looking for a new job opportunity, people seem to gravitate to the state’s larger cities like Kansas City, St Louis or Springfield for new opportunities and career growth while overlooking the many benefits of living and working in smaller metropolitan areas like Jefferson City.

Smaller cities are often perceived as lackluster or fading with fewer job opportunities than the larger cities. The opposite is true for Jefferson City. In fact, Jefferson City as a community was ranked the 40th best place for business and careers in small metropolitan areas by Forbes Magazine. Jefferson City is the fifteenth most populous city in the state of Missouri and with its centralized location makes access to the larger cities easier without giving up the benefits of living in a smaller community.

There is great diversity within the Jefferson City business community which translates to a wide variety of employment opportunities in the technical, industrial and professional work field. When looking for a new job opportunity in a small community it’s also important to keep in mind the talent pool is not as large as the big cities.

Jefferson City is not only a great place to start a new or continuing career, it’s also a great place to live and play. The cost of living in the Jefferson City area is well below the national average compared to St. Louis or Kansas City. While the cost of living is lower, the salaries for job postings in Jefferson City are 3% higher than the average salaries for jobs posting nationwide. The average salary for a developer in Jefferson City is $95,000. The average commute is only 15 minutes. Also taking into consideration the low crime rate, wide variety of recreational and entertainment venues and most importantly the sense of community are only a few of the great qualities of living in Jefferson City.