RKV is proud to offer Convaye™ Transport Management Software.  A software solution that allows agencies to easily schedule transports by assigning passengers, staff and vehicles, view other agencies transports, monitor transports that are in progress allowing agencies to know the status of passengers, staff and vehicles, maintain transport history for tracking and reporting.

Convaye will allow law enforcement agencies to reduce the cost of transporting passengers, improve safety, reduce staff shortages, reduce overtime, and enable ride sharing with other agencies that are utilizing the software.  Having a software solution for scheduling and tracking transports is critical.

Convaye provides a dashboard so your agency can quickly view all scheduled and active transports

  • displays transport date/time
  • displays real time driver status including position, changes to route, etc.
  • displays stops
  • displays passengers embarking/disembarking at each stop
  • displays physical/verbal cautions for each passenger

Convaye provides the ability for your agency to schedule transports

  • search transports
  • create transports
  • track miles by agency, vehicle and staff
  • software generates route based on pick up and drop off locations selected while creating the transport

Convaye provides the ability for your agency to capture passenger information

  • search passengers
  • create passengers
  • add identifying and demographic information so officers know who they are transporting
  • review transport history

Contact us at Convaye@rkvtech.com or 573-298-1600 to learn more about how RKV can help you.

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