The DESE Licensure project is a new web based system for teacher certification.  The purpose of the project is to enable and automate the process of acquiring and maintaining a Teacher’s Certificate for the State of Missouri. 

Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education maintained a series of systems which collected, stored and reported information related to Teacher Certification.  The systems have been developed over time and were not integrated.  RKV Technologies consultants performed analysis, designed screen mock ups, and wrote the detailed User Interface and Developer specifications for the project.  At this time, it has 40 screens, 24 reports and 27 maintenance pages and integrates Educator Certification, Core Data needed to determine High Quality Teacher Status, Professional Development, Substitute Certification and Professional Conduct including Fingerprint and Revocation databases.  The system will be used by DESE, Colleges, Universities, public and private school districts, and covers existing, new and substitute teachers.