The health and welfare of the citizens of a state is the first priority of an administration. Both federal and state legislatures write rules and regulations to effectively administer the social services programs they oversee for the taxpayers of their state. The implementation and effective management of those programs is the responsibility of health and human service organizations. When rules are clarified, or new programs established, RKV consultants have the domain expertise and technical experience to deliver solid value.

Since 1997, RKV Technologies has worked with the Department of Social Services to provide project management, analysis, design, development, testing, conversion and reporting for the Family Assistance Management Information System (FAMIS). As prime vendor, RKV Technologies set out to develop the applicaton code for two FAMIS subprojects targeting a CICS/DB2 Mainframe environment: The Resource Directory and Child Care.  After implementation of these two components, the engagement was extended with a series of following on assignments for childcare provider management, provider registration, intake management, eligibility determination, benefit determination, authorization, invoicing and payment aspects of FAMIS.