The FAMIS ( Family Assistance Information Management Systems) implemented a key modernization online application project in May 2009.  It’s completion synchronized a new Internet based system with a robust classic mainframe system, and empowers Missouri families to apply for family health care programs or report case changes at any time and place of their choice using the Internet.

The State of Missouri‘s Department of Social Services, Family Support Division (FSD) strongly believes that participants receiving services need to be in control of the services provided to them.  RKV was the perfect choice to assist and lead areas of the project given the depth of domain experience of our consultants. 

The use of the Web is spreading rapidly into most areas of society and daily life. It is increasingly used for state government information, services, education, training, and is accessed more frequently than traditional resources. Websites cut costs by decreasing participant support services, and eliminating state labor and paper interaction through self directed participant service. 

RKV and the FAMIS team performed the analysis, design and implementation by replacing the legacy process which required time intensive interviews or data entry of mailed applications. Eligibility Specialists spent significant labor hours on data entry.  Now,  participants can access and report changes to their FAMIS cases via the Internet including: Child Care, Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps and MO HealthNet.  Eligibility Specialists can refocus their efforts on eligibility related issues and activities.

The FAMIS system has proven itself robust and reliable. Building on this system with a web interface will enable participants to enter their benefit applications on line. These will be analyzed by the time proven eligibility determination business logic of FAMIS.

While much has been discussed about the impact of the Internet on State Government in recent years, 2009 was the year that the State of Missouri‘s Family Support Division fully embraced useful online tools. These tools allow eligible participants to learn about, apply for, enroll in and retain services more effectively and efficiently by offering self-service enrollment options over the Internet. Since FAMIS implemented this web front end application, it has advanced access to self-directed services and a stream-lined application process, assisting in the outreach to over 14,000 individuals applying for MO HealthNet benefits for their families and children.