RKV Technologies has domain expertise specializing in integrating modules from the National Consortium for Offender Management System (NCOMS) with state systems through our work with the Missouri Department of Corrections (MO DOC).  NCOMS (National Consortium For Offender Management Systems) was established in 2003 as an effort by several participating states to pool resources in order to develop a comprehensive Offender Management System using open source technologies.   The NCOMS software is comprised of 17 function modules that track all aspects of offender incarceration, supervision and rehabilitation.  As a member of the consortium, Missouri’s Department of Corrections committed to implementing NCOMS and partnered with RKV Technologies to help them migrate from their legacy system of a patchwork of mainframe COBOL and AS/400 and RPG programs to JAVA and web based technologies.

 RKV Technologies started by performing the gap analysis between the legacy offender management system and NCOMS.  The result was a recommendation for a successful approach to moving MO DOC to the NCOMS solution.  Through a competitive process, RKV Technologies was selected for the NCOMS work on strength of our practice’s history of services to the department. 

RKV Technologies is one of three companies that have successfully implemented the NCOMS software with a consortium member.  RKV has the right group of consultants to help implement NCOMS in any environment in any state. 

Our Corrections practice’s record of success performing work for corrections, jails and probation and parole offices translated to domain expertise that will jump-start NCOMS implementations in a wide range of environments.

 RKV Technologies is currently implementing NCOMS modules and code with our customer.  Our up-to-date familiarity translates into less time spent spinning up on NCOMS projects and more time spent on the work at hand, which facilitates the NCOMS goal to share artifacts, methodology, enhancements, data integration, data sharing, mutual support and development costs among participating states

 RKV Technologies continued investment in this business practice equips us to be a ready and knowledgeable source of support of all Consortium states participating in the ambitious and creative undertaking to develop, maintain, and enhance a comprehensive electronic database for managing all aspects of offender incarceration, supervision and rehabilitation.