Being a premier provider of custom software, there are many opportunities to expand our development capabilities to include exchanging data in a distributed environment over a variety of mobile devices.  Having real-time information, or to perform data gathering functions on the spot, will improve the efficiency and quality of life for RKV customers.

Improve Field Work Efficiency

Automate assignments and schedules on devices

Decrease Completion Time

Collect data via electronic forms, capture signatures and images

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate paper forms and automate processing field data

Improve Compliance

Ensure all tasks are performed consistently

Streamline a Changing Workforce

Quick adoption by new and existing employees

Leverage Back-Office Systems

Two-way integration with any back-end system

Productive Without Network Coverage

Work with or without connectivity

Boost Accountability & Reporting

Real-time visibility of workforce and management reporting and compelling savings

Return On Investment

Improving field worker productivity, typically ranging from 25 – 40%

Increasing constituent satisfaction

Reducing fixed costs, typically from 10% – 30%

Doing more with less