Many times businesses find themselves overwhelmed by technology. Technology is constantly changing. Products are constantly providing new features that allow businesses to integrate new functionality which automates one or many of their manual processes, patches or software upgrades need to be completed, the list seems to be never ending when it comes to technology. Often the amount of work to be completed is larger than the amount of resources that are available to complete it, causing a project backlog. There are many solutions available to address changing technology and project backlogs. One viable and cost effective solution is having a technology vendor address and/or assist with these type of business needs.

RKV can provide high quality resources to integrate with your team and assist with your technology needs including completing your project backlog. RKV can provide resources for specific roles which can include but is not limited to: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Database Administrator, Developer, Quality Assurance, and Data Analyst. RKV’s dedicated resources will seamlessly integrate within your project team to assist with completing projects on time and within budget. RKV has a high success rate with providing knowledgeable resources that complete their task on or ahead of schedule.

RKV can also provide an entire project team to successfully complete project(s) in your backlog from inception to implementation. We can complete an assessment and provide a recommendation on how to complete projects including resource needs. RKV’s resources and teams are experienced and capable of completing simple to high complexity projects. We can focus on specific projects that may not seem critical but could leave your clients extremely satisfied and reduce your project backlog. RKV again has a high success rate with providing entire project teams to successfully complete projects from inception to implementation.