The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) awarded RKV the projects to design, develop, and implement Phase 1 of the Maintenance Management System (MMS).  RKV worked with MODOT employees to capture their vision for a custom developed system.  The system is now being used on a daily basis. MMS Phase 1 is currently providing thousands of MODOT employees tools to:

  • Efficiently plan and record daily activities;
  • Gather information regarding on-hand materials and equipment;
  • View assets through interactive maps; and
  • Easily see the results of their hard work via configurable dashboards and interfaces to existing systems.

RKV appreciates the 20+ year partnership it has with MODOT.  During this time MODOT and RKV developed a robust Transportation Management System (TMS), Linear Referencing System, and the MMS Phase 1. RKV continues to maintain more than 30 TMS modules, the LRS, MMS Phase 1, and is supporting MODOT in MMS Phase 2.  MODOT employees are anxious to receive the additional tools needed for keeping Missouri roadways safe and well maintained. RKV looks forward to continued successes with MODOT.