The Missouri Department of Revenue (MO DOR) is acquiring a holistic and integrated business process system to provide enhanced motor vehicle, driver licensing, and business licensing functionality.  In support of this complex multi-phased  project, MO DOR selected RKV Technologies, Inc. to develop a strategy for cleansing data from 50 disparate systems on a variety of platforms.

RKV is teaming with Mathtech, Inc. to complete this important phase of DOR’s mission critical project.  RKV’s work includes:

  • Developing a data cleansing strategy,
  • Completing a risk assessment,
  • Developing a data retention strategy,
  • Analyzing source data to identify anomalies – incomplete/invalid/obsolete values, mismatched data, corrupt/multiple/duplicate records,
  • Developing rules to correct data, and
  • Recommending new rules to sustain data integrity.

RKV recognizes this project is critical to the overall modernization effort and is proud to be a part of it.