Do you have more projects than resources? Are you having difficulties filling open requisitions? RKV recently provided four java developers to a local company which answered yes to both of the above questions. Among the numerous projects the company has, they had two specific needs RKV could assist with. One need was for RKV java developers to migrate their existing applications to a new platform. The company had applications that were running on WebLogic servers using an Oracle database. RKV developers assisted with getting their new service based architecture running on Tomcat servers and MySQL database. RKV developers also assisted the migration efforts by upgrading older versions of Java to Java 8, Spring MVC, Groovy, and splitting larger projects into microservice based deployable units. The second need was for RKV java developers to provide maintenance and support for a standalone application that could easily be maintained by development resources that were outside its organization.

RKV’s developers have played an instrumental role in both scenarios of assisting with the migration to the new platform and providing maintenance and support of the standalone application. Here is a snippet from the company’s Great News Monday story after the first migration of the standalone application occurred with the assistance of the RKV developers, ‘Great News! After 6 weeks of development work and as of April 1st, we have launched four new Products! A huge thank you to Todd, Kyle, and John for your tireless work over the last two months. You have been quick to learn, eager to help and creative in finding solutions! Thank you!’. RKV continues to maintain the standalone application providing maintenance and support, as well as, upgrading the application technologies which includes: Java, Hibernate, Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Junit, Spock, Geb, Selenium, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JQuery, Ajax, SOAP Web Services, and GIT. The database was migrated from Oracle to MySQL and the application was migrated from WebLogic servers to Tomcat servers.

Over the past year, RKV has built a very positive relationship with the client. On numerous occasions the client has expressed their gratitude and appreciation and feels they have gotten a ‘win’ out of having RKV join their team. It has not only been a win for the client, building and maintaining a new client relationship has been a win for RKV. It has also allowed RKV developers the opportunity to learn new technologies and techniques and extend their knowledge base.

Now, ask yourself the following questions: Do I have more IT projects than resources? Am I having difficulties filling open requisitions? Can RKV help?