June 17-19, 2013:  Lucy Watts will be speaking at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) Prisons & Correctional Facilities West Summit to be held in Denver, Colorado, June 17-19, 2013.  Ms. Watts will speak on the NCOMS Open Source Offender Managment System, including:   system benefits improved public safety through software and data systems , IT cost reduction by sharing open source solutions, NCOMS  – is it the right fit for your organization?,  and risks and lessons learned for implementation.

RKV has over 18 years of experience in the Corrections and Public Safety Domain, and we are proud, not only to sponsor of this years IDGA Denver Summit, but also to offer, through Ms Watts presentation, opportunities and solutions of the National Consortium of Offender Managements to the challenges of modern Corrections.