RKV Technologies is the System Integrator for TEAMS (Transportation Enterprise Asset Management Suite) as a COTS solution to your transportation asset management dilemma. TEAMS is a sophisticated suite of tools integrated through a Linear Referencing System (LRS) which allows users to integrate data from multiple sources including bridge, pavement, safety, traffic monitoring & congestion, outdoor advertising, junkyards and travelways. Developed by our partner, ANSRWARE, these tools provide information and recommendations to support transportation management professionals in meeting their goals. Users can graphically view and analyze data to make better informed decisions concerning preservation and construction of their transportation systems. This partnership can bring its expertise to your project, making you successful…

TEAMS can provide:

  • Easy access to integrated transportation data
  • Timely, less labor intensive safety studies
  • Evaluation of safety features
  • Tools to evaluate strategy effectiveness
  • Ability to create a visual display of data
  • Tools to effectively manage inventories
  • Ability to summarize large quantities of data
  • Direct link to accidents

All TEAMS components are integrated via LRS, which relates all data managed in TEAMS to the data’s geographic location. TEAMS also has the ability to interface with existing systems that manage certain assets. These assets can be linked through the LRS as well, thus allowing the analysis of assets and their interrelationships.

TEAMS manages correlated data on Traffic Counts, Accidents, Speed Limits and Work Zones. A Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Engineer explained, “Identifying crash patterns is vital in helping us find ways to make the roads safer. Analysis of crash types, weather conditions, time of day, etc., can give engineers the information they need to make good decisions.” In the past, these intersection diagrams have required the review of each crash report and then a hand drawing of the collision. This process will now be automated through TEAMS. The time savings are significant with this new system. On average, it can take hours to fully complete a complex collision diagram by hand, where TEAMS can do it in a few minutes.

To see some of this information at work, take a look at the interactive Missouri Traveler Information Map. To find out more about how TEAMS can be integrated with your data, or to schedule a demo, contact us at: info@rkvtechnologies.com.